As women age, certain hormonal levels begin to drop, which can cause a hormonal imbalance in the body. Deficiencies of estrogen, testosterone and progesterone (among other hormones) can cause women to experience hot flashes, weight gain, decreased libido, insomnia and many other symptoms. Thankfully, there are options to help relieve these symptoms! At KC Wellness Center, we provide a safe and effective hormone therapy to help restore your natural, youthful hormone levels. Most women who experience symptoms of hormonal imbalance are candidates for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), but a history of certain medical conditions may prevent you from being able to use this treatment. Maria Evans, our nurse practitioner, discusses who might be a candidate for BHRT. Read on to learn more!

What Is BHRT?

BHRT is a treatment in which hormones are returned to the body. The bioidentical hormones we use at KC Wellness are exact replicas of the hormones your body produced when you were younger. Because these hormones are made of the identical chemical structure to what is already in your body, they have very few side effects when reintroduced to your system. The hormones and treatment are FDA-approved, so you can rest assured that they have been rigorously tested and are safe.

Who Does Not Qualify for BHRT?

Some research has shown that hormone replacement therapy may increase the risk for certain conditions and diseases, including blood clots, stroke, gallbladder disease, heart disease and breast cancer. Because of this, Maria explains that women with the following conditions are not candidates for BHRT:

– A history of ovarian cancer, breast cancer and endometrial cancers
– Unexplained vaginal bleeding
– Any issues with clotting

Additionally, women who have or previously had a stroke or liver disease should also usually not take hormone therapy.

Are you still unsure if you qualify for BHRT? Don’t worry — we’re here to help! Our healthcare professionals will sit down with you to discuss your symptoms and health history and answer any questions you might have. You’ll receive a thorough examination and typically a blood test to help us determine your current hormone function. We will then be able to develop a customized treatment plan specifically for you.

Don’t wait! Call us today at (816) 214-5276 to schedule a free consultation and find out if you are a candidate for BHRT. You can also contact us by visiting our website.