Regenerative Medicine

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Regenerative Medicine in Kansas City

If you experience chronic joint pain, it is mostly likely taking a toll on your quality of life. Chronic pain is shown to affect all aspects of one’s life and can lead to much more than physical pain. It can lead to dependence on medications that come with concerning side effects, sleep issues, depression, putting strains on your social life and relationships.

Scientific breakthroughs now make it possible to help patients dealing with joint pain of the shoulder, knee, wrist, and extremities using Regenerative medicine. This can eliminate the need for an invasive surgery and allow healing to occur by activating your own stem cells for mobility & function to be restored.

Kansas City Regenerative Medicine Services

BHRT For Men

Men of all ages can experience decreased levels of testosterone. And, as men get older, they often hear that they should start expecting the symptoms of these lower levels, which include losing strength, gaining body fat, decreased energy and a diminished libido, to name just a few. LEARN MORE.


As women age, their hormones become unbalanced as certain hormonal levels begin to drop. As a result, women suffer a host of symptoms relating to deficiencies and imbalances of estrogen, testosterone and progesterone, among other hormones. This can cause women to experience hot flashes, weight gain, decreased libido, insomnia, etc. Kansas City Medical & Wellness Center provides a safe and effective hormone therapy that can restore your original hormone levels, while helping to erase the many acute and chronic conditions that women experience due to drops in hormone levels. LEARN MORE.

Medical Weight Loss

Weight loss is a very personal matter. If you begin a weight loss program and you are successful, everyone will see it and let you know. The problem is that the weight often comes right back, and then you’re back to square one. It’s no wonder that so many people think losing weight—and successfully keeping it off—is so difficult that it seems hopeless at times. LEARN MORE.

IV Vitamin Therapy

V Vitamin Therapy is a vitamin supplement introduced intravenously into the bloodstream. By bypassing your digestive system, the nutrients are absorbed by your body more rapidly than traditional oral supplements. This provides your body with increased cell function and a marked increase in energy. Our IV Vitamin Therapy patients always tell us, “I feel great after just one treatment! I can’t wait to see what I’ll experience after more.” We’re happy to help you increase your energy safely and much more effectively than traditional supplement use. LEARN MORE.

E.D. Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sex-related problems faced by men. Characterized by the inability to develop or maintain erections during a sexual activity, the disease has very few treatment options available – with very few yielding positive results without producing side-effects. LEARN MORE.

The PRP Therapy

In women, sexual dysfunction is not a new phenomenon. As the body undergoes various physical, psychological and hormonal changes every few years, the impact on a woman’s libido is profound. Consequently, many women have to rely on various medications and pills to build up and maintain an active intimate life. LEARN MORE.

Why Choose Us?

KC Wellness Center uses the latest proven scientific breakthroughs in helping patients experience relief by activating the body’s own healing properties. Patients can regain their freedom to enjoy life again and get back to the things they love doing! Our team is compassionate and experienced in using non-invasive solutions to get to the root cause of joint pain to restore mobility and function. We invite you to call and schedule an appointment for a consultation.