If you have knee osteoarthritis or a torn meniscus, you are probably wondering what options are available so that you can reduce the pain and regain your mobility. When they are facing a similar problem, people often opt for surgery before considering other solutions that might be able to help them. But if the idea of getting surgery makes you uncomfortable, you will be happy to learn about stem cell therapy for knees and what it can do for you. This treatment has already helped many people overcome knee pain, and you will be impressed with the results. No matter what path you choose, you will be armed with the information that you need to move forward with confidence.


The Problem With Surgery

Surgery is often promoted as one of the safest and most effective options for those who have knee pain. But it’s important for everyone to do their own research so that they can fully understand each possible outcome. In some cases, patients need knee surgery to make a full recovery, but the advances in stem cell technology are giving people hope for a better answer. With knee surgery, you will likely face several months of stressful rehab, but you might not need to worry about that situation.


Understanding Stem Cells

People often ask about stem cells and what they are before deciding to explore this option, which is understandable. You are likely looking for as much information on the topic as possible. Stem cells are blank slates that can take the form of any other cell in the human body, and this ability allows them to offer many health benefits. Even as we age, stem cells are present in our bodies, but they can also suffer the consequences of the aging process. Also, you won’t always have enough stem cells in the part of your body that is injured to enjoy the full benefits that they can provide.


Our Process

Stem cell research is not new, and scientific institutions have already conducted numerous tests to get a better understanding of how to use stem cells in the best possible way. Many medical facilities perform procedures to harvest fat and or bone marrow to extract usable stem cells for use in treatment of many ailments. Both of those methods are invasive, risky and turn many people way from this type of research and treatment, but we have a better solution.

Before mothers give birth, doctors ask them if they are willing to donate the umbilical cord, which would be discarded otherwise. If donated, cord blood banks extract the potent, vibrant stem cells from the cord blood and preserve it by flash freezing the cells. For many years parents have opted to preserve their children’s valuable cord blood at birth in case their child suffered a life threatening disease like Leukemia. That technology is now available for us to use for orthopedic applications.


Final Thoughts

Stem cell therapy for knees is becoming increasingly popular, and it can help people avoid the pain and trauma that come with surgery and other standard treatment options. We care about the people we serve and want to provide them with accurate information to allow them to make the choice that is right for them. Please contact KC Wellness Center the schedule a free consultation to see if stem cell therapy can help you.