Staying active is one important way to help maintain your overall health. According to Healthline, adults should get about 10,000 steps a day. And while fall’s cool temperatures might make it more enticing to stay inside under a blanket, it’s 🍁 also the perfect time to experience the beautiful outdoors in Kansas City. Don’t let the cooler temperatures slow you down — check out these creative fall activities to keep you active!

1. Get Lost in A Corn Maze 🎃
Walking through a corn maze or hunting for the perfect pumpkin to decorate on your front porch is a great way to get your steps in.
Suggestions: Carolyn’s Country Cousins, Westons Red Barn Farm, Faulkner’s Ranch

2. Visit a Haunted House🏚️
This one isn’t for everyone, but it might get your heart pumping! According to the Society for Endocrinology, when people get scared their adrenaline races and this could cause an increase metabolism, which means the body is burning a high-level of calories.
Suggestions: Worlds of Fun, Beast Haunted House, Macabre Cinema Haunted House

3. Go for a Nature Walk🍂🍂
Autumn is the perfect time to explore a new nature trail or neighborhood. Not only will the changing leaves make for a scenic view, the cool weather is a great time for a brisk stroll.
Suggestions: Indian Creek Trail, Hidden Valley Natural Loop, Parkville Nature Sanctuary

4. Have a Picnic 🧺
Fall is the perfect season to host a picnic that lasts all afternoon. Walk to your picnic spot or invite some friends for a game of football or soccer beforehand to get burn some calories before digging into your basket of healthy fall foods. Don’t forget the blanket.
Suggestions: Roe Park, Penguin Park, Jacob L. Loose Park

5. Attend First Fridays Crossroads Art District 🎨
The monthly free event in Kansas City’s art district draws huge crowds in the summer, but during the fall, it becomes the perfect time to sport your new coat and scarf and walk around looking at different local artists’ work. With so many great pieces to look at, you’ll have hit your step goal in no time.


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