The contagious topic around the world…the coronavirus, also called COVID-19. The virus that started in Wuhan, China has spread quickly to six of the seven continents. To-date over 100,000 people are known to be infected with the coronavirus and over 3,400 deaths have been recorded. With so much news about the coronavirus, it can be hard to sort through it all. We’ve compiled some basic info about the disease to help keep you and your family healthy this season. 

So What Exactly Is The Coronavirus? 

The coronaviruses are a family of viruses that are more commonly found in animals. Only 7 types have made the transition to affect humans. Most viruses in this family only cause cold-like symptoms, but this is not the case with the new strand, COVID-19. If you are infected, symptoms typically do not show until 14 days after being exposed to the virus! Here’s what to watch for: 

🦠 Cough

🦠 Fever 

🦠 Shortness of breath

In very rare cases, the coronavirus can lead to severe respiratory problems, kidney failure or death. If you experience any of these you should call your doctor or health care provider right away to schedule an appointment.

Total Coronavirus Cases

Total Coronavirus Deaths

Total Coronavirus Recoveries

How To Help Prevent Getting COVID-19 

Like the common cold and flu, the coronavirus spreads through contact – there is no evidence the virus can be spread through the air. This means that when an infected person coughs or sneezes, germs land on surfaces that are then touched by other people. Those uninfected people then touch their mouth, nose, or eyes and the virus continues to spread.

The best way to keep yourself healthy from all viruses – including COVID-19 – is to wash your hands thoroughly and often. If your hands are unwashed, try to not touch your face and if you’re feeling unwell, be sure to talk to your doctor. KC Wellness.