The holidays should be a time for joy and cheer spent with close friends and family. However, sometimes too much fun, resulting from too many holiday drinks, skipping the gym and getting off your routine can lead to excess stress. This is the time of year that many men can experience erectile dysfunction (ED).  


Stick to a Few Drinks

Holiday parties, festive drinks and good times with friends are part of the fun this season, but moderation is key. According to Everyday Health, alcohol is a depressant, and can dampen your mood, making it more difficult for you to achieve an erection? Forego that second holiday cocktail and consider a festival alcohol-free option. 


Skip the Cigars

According to Healthline, smoking can lead to blood pressure problems that may impact your ability to get and stay erect in sexual situations. All the more reason to skip the stogie.


Don’t Skip the Gym 

With all the rich sweets and treats you are eating this season, it’s important to stay active and don’t skip the gym – no matter how much the cold weather makes you want to hunker down at home. A study from Somerset Nuffield Hospital and the University of the West of England found that pelvic exercises helped 40% of men with ED regain normal erectile function. 



The high levels of stress people experience around the holidays can be caused by several factors. According to an American Psychological Association survey, feeling like you don’t have enough time or money, and the pressure that comes from giving or receiving gifts, are all common stressors this time of year. With added stress, comes decreased performance in the bedroom. According to Heathline, when you are stressed and have anxiety, it can affect how your brain signals your body’s physical response. Maintaining mindfulness about the ways you can manage your stress can lead to a happier and more romantic holiday season.

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