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Stem cell therapy is a promising alternative to invasive surgery that uses a patient’s own stem cells or donated stem cells harvested from umbilical cord tissue to treat various joint conditions. The procedure is conducted in the office instead of undergoing a surgery. Through advanced technology, stem cell therapy is now a quick, easy and effective alternative to having knee replacement surgery.

Stop the pain and get relief without costly and painful surgery. Live pain free in 2018!

The Western Ontario and McMasters Universities Arthritis Index is one of the most reliable means of measuring the effectiveness of an alternate therapeutic course for arthritis-related pain management. On a pain scale, called the Visual Analog Scale, PRP and Stem cell-based treatments revealed several interesting facts regarding knee treatment.

Patients treated with PRP for knee conditions reported:

  • 56% reduction in pain within the first six months of administration
  • 60% reduction in pain within the first year of treatment
  • Improvement in functional scores by 24% per annum
  • Improvement in Daily Living Scores by 46% within first six months
  • Improvement in Daily Living Scores by 56% within the first year